Why I care about isFeedItem's range

Earlier I asked: How does isFeedItem work outside the calendar? Or does it?

I wanted to understand how or if the isFeedItem attribute works on posts that are not in the chronological stream of the Fargo calendar. I posted something as a test and promised to report back. As far as I can tell, the presentation I posted, including the isFeedItem attribute, did not join my RSS feed.

And here is the question I was trying to answer: if non-calendar posts can appear in the main RSS feed or perhaps be in a folder-like outline area that has its own feed, then RSS would become involved in a break from chronology, potentially, and you could write a book or article that would have an RSS feed for the segments in development (I am guessing).

I believe this would be a huge change for web writers who know the power of serial publication (blog, Twitter, etc.) but want to write idea-structured material (articles, books). Instead of time-intensively editing a blog into a book chapter, a writer could write the chapter and also engage readers serially via RSS.

If isFeedItem=true works, or could work, outside the calendar structure of Fargo, then the idea-based structure could come first and the time-based serial publication could flow instantly from it, via RSS. If this is true, then Fargo would have broken the space-time continuum that leads to great blog content sliding down the screen into the archive where it almost always dies a sad, peaceful death.

Working on hunches here, prepared to be wrong. The code may simply not allow it. But the possibility is breath-taking and mind-bending.

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By Ken Smith, Sunday, August 4, 2013 at 12:52 PM.